PL2005 Control Box

PL2005 - Mini-Line - G224 G221

Maintain overview

The PL2005 Control Box is an alternative to the HS301 Handset in the Mini-Line® Grade and Slope Control System designed to automatically maintain grade and slope when paving.

Full control

The PL2005 Control Box exchanges the maneuverability of the HS301 Handset for full control of all sensors and settings in both sides of the asphalt paver. During operation, the PL2005 automatically locks the other Control Boxes to prevent operators from performing opposing adjustments from each side.

A lit diode indicates that the system is operated from another PL2005 Control Box.

More features

The PL2005 Control Box does not differ much in operation from the HS301 Handset in general functionality, but it has a couple of added features. Grade and slope sensor measurements are synchronized, which offers a faster slope regulation, and the PL2005 has colour-coded sensor status indicators for quick debugging of potential errors.



  • Full control of all sensors and settings in both sides of the paver
  • Synchronized measurements for faster slope regulation
  • Sensor status indicators for quick debugging
  • Safeguard against opposing adjustments
PL2005 - Mini-Line - Product setup with G224
What you get
A Mini-Line® PL2005 system consists of two PL2005 Control Boxes, two grade sensors (G221 or G224) with Snap Connectors, and one S299 Slope Sensor, all of which are connected with I-cables to an Interfacebox that connects the system to the asphalt paver
PL2005 kit-
What you get
The Mini-Line® system comes in a rugged carry case for safe storage and transport
PL2005 paving APM1210 - TF-Technologies
On site
The PL2005 on a Volvo paver with an Averaging Beam with G224 Multi-Sonic Grade Sensors in the right side
PL2005 paving -TF-Technologies
On site
Closeup of PL2005 Control Box on a night job. The light panel automatically adjusts to dark or bright sunlight conditions
PL2005 paving -TF-Technologies
On site
The PL2005 on a highway night job for a Danish contractor

“We are very pleased with PL2005. Works perfectly actually, we started using it without ever looking in the manual, it's that easy to use.”

Kevin Teppanainen / Foreman / NCC Roads Sweden


Find out more about the PL2005 Control Box and see how our other products work in our Paving Academy.

PL2005 TF-Technologies

Mini-Line® Grade & Slope Control System


Operating instructions for Mini-Line® System with PL2005 Control Box

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