Grade & Slope Control

HS301 handset paving Mini-Line system

Perfect joint match

Stop eyeballing and start controlling. With a Mini-Line® Grade and Slope Control System you can automatically maintain the desired asphalt depth with millimeter precision and remove the human error from the grade and slope regulation.

Avoid waves in the finished mat resulting from manual overcompensation and do perfect joint match with zero effort.

Make a tough job a little easier by allowing your crew to maintain focus on all the other critical functions of their paving job.

Become able to do a very precise laydown and eliminate material overruns for savings in material cost.

How it works

Mini-Line® Grade and Slope Control System uses ultrasonic grade sensors to constantly measure the distance to a chosen reference, such as the ground or a curb. Relative to the measured distance to this reference, the system automatically regulates the tow point of the asphalt paver to maintain mat thickness with millimeter precision. Combined with a slope sensor, it maintains the desired slope or simply monitors the slope resulting from the grade regulation.

Just set the reference level, enter AUTO and this systems keeps it there. Any necessary adjustments while paving can be made with the touch of a button.



  • Increase mat smoothness
  • Eliminate waves in mat due to manual overcompensation
  • Perfect joint match with zero effort
  • Fits all machine types
  • Simple to operate and easy to install and remove
  • Non-contact system with no wear and tear
Schematics of 2 x G221 and HS301
What you get
A standard Mini-Line® system consists of a HS301 Handset, a G221 Grade Sensor, a Snap Connector and a V-Cable for each side of the paver
HS301 and 2xG221 V-Cable
What you get
Add a S298 Slope Sensor for slope sensing and simply switch the V-cable from the grade sensor to the slope sensor in the relevant side
HS301 connceted with 2xG221 S298 and W-cables
What you get
Upgrade the V-cable to a W-cable to connect a HS301 Handset to both grade and slope sensor for controlling grade, while monitoring slope
HS301 kit g221 snap connector bail TF-Technologies
What you get
The Mini-Line® system comes in a rugged carry case for safe storage and transport
G221 Sonic Grade Sensor from TF-Technologies - Paving made easy
On site
Mini-Line® Grade Control System on a residential paving job for a contractor in the US
G221 Sonic Grade Sensor from TF-Technologies - Paving made easy
On site
Mini-Line® Grade Control System on a Roadtec paver for an American contractor
G221 Sonic Grade Sensor and HS301 from TF-Technologies
On site
Mini-Line® Grade Control System on a Bomag paver in Denmark
G221 Sonic Grade Sensor and HS301 from TF-Technologies
On site
The G221 Ultrasonic Grade Sensor mounted in the Snap Connector that ensures a very quick installation time
S298 Slope Sensor Mini-Line TF-Technologies
On site
The S298 Slope Sensor is very compact and can be added to a Mini-Line® System for slope control
HS301-on site-handset-paving- TF-Technologies
On site
The HS301 Handset is easily operated with gloves on
HS01 Grade and slope
On site
The HS301 has a metal hanger for the operator to quickly free his hands whenever required

"Not having to go back and fix mis-matched joints anymore is a huge advantage"

Ben Everett / About Asphalt Ltd / Auckland, NZ

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Find out more about the Mini-Line® Grade & Slope Control System and our other products and see how they work in our Paving Academy.

G221 mini-line installation

Mini-Line® G221 Installation

How-to video

How to setup Mini-Line® Grade Control System with G221 Ultrasonic Grade Sensor and HS301...

Mini-Line Grade & Slope Control System G224 G221 HS301

Mini-Line® Grade & Slope Control System


Operating instructions for Mini-Line® System with HS301 Handset

Daily operation of your Mini-Line system

Daily operation - HS301

How-to video

Daily operating instructions for Mini-Line® Grade Control System with HS301 Handset

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More advanced options
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Multi-Sonic Sensor

Upgrade your Mini-Line® Grade and Slope Control System with Multi-Sonic Sensors for increased functionality. Take advantage of the special stringline features and obtain increased smoothness with the averaging technology.

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PL2005 - Mini-Line - G224 G221

PL2005 Control Box

Choose a PL2005 Control Box instead of the HS301 Handset as controller for your Mini-Line® System for a full overview. Obtain full control of all sensors and settings in both sides of the asphalt paver from each PL2005 Control Box.

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Averaging beam for easy paving - TF-Technologies

EASY Averaging Beam

Achieve ultimate smoothness by upgrading your Mini-Line® Grade and Slope Control System with an EASY Averaging Beam. Get a perfectly flat mat by averaging the measurements of four ultrasonic grade sensors, while retaining full maneuverability and easy handling with the splitbeam setup and lightweight construction.

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