Joint Heater

Joint heater tf-technologies paving made easy

Eliminate joint failures

The weakest part of an asphalt road is found in the longitudinal joint. On the edge of the mat it is difficult to get a high density and is typically where you see premature cracks.

Paving multiple lanes side by side (echelon paving) to compact the joint while still hot on both sides, is the safest way to ensure high-quality joints. Yet, the need to maintain traffic makes this impossible.

The solution? Heat up the edge of the cold lane with a Joint Heater to mimic echelon paving and increase joint density.

How it works

The Joint Heater is an infrared propane-butane gas burner. Mounted just in front of the screed on the asphalt paver and connected to an appropriate gas source, the Joint Heater will effectively preheat the edge of the previously laid cold lane just prior to placing the new hot lane next to it.

The Joint Heater contains four to ten burner heads in stainless steel and an electronic ignition system that will open the gas flow and ignite the gas in the burners when power is applied to the circuit.



  • Eliminate joint failures
  • Seamless high-density joints
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Fits all asphalt pavers
  • Strong and lightweight aluminium frame
  • Constant spark ignition system for safe ignition
What you get
Joint Heater with six burners. Available in a 12V and a 24V version
Joint Heater from TF-Technologies
What you get
Joint Heater with four burners, available in a 12V and a 24V version. With an Extension Kit, it can also be used to extend the six burner Joint Heater to a ten burner
Joint Heater with 6-burners
On site
Joint Heater with six burners mounted with the Joint Heater Mounting Brackets on paver in Norway
Jointheater - TF-Technologies
On site
Joint Heater with six burners in operation
Jointheater on paver
On site
Joint Heater with ten burners on a Volvo paver in Estonia
Joint heater tf-technologies paving made easy
On site
Joint Heater with six burners in operation in China

"I get a better joint bond now using the Joint Heater than before, using chemical adhesives"

Hannes Kivilo / TREFnord / Tallinn, Estonia

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Joint Heater Operating Manual

Joint Heater


Operating instructions for Joint Heater

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