AC700 Material Sensor

AC700 controller - feeder - conveyer

Improve mat quality

The material feed system of an asphalt paver has a big effect on mat quality.

A fluctuating level of asphalt material in front of the screed will affect the screed angle of attack and produce bumps in the finished mat.

Lack of sufficient material covering the augers can also lead to material segregation and a rough, low-density mat.

With the AC700 Material Control you create a controlled HMA flow path, so that quality and texture of the mat is the same the full width of the screed.

How it works

The AC700 use ultrasound to continuously monitor and regulate the flow of asphalt material to the screed to secure a constant and even distribution of material across its full length. It can be used for auger control, and to manage the material load of the conveyor belt.

The AC700 comes in two basic versions, a Material Controller operated directly from the unit, and a Material Sensor operated from the asphalt paver.  It exist in a variety of types to fit the specific output of different types of asphalt pavers. Which version and type you need depend on the requirement of the asphalt paver.



  • Remove bumps in the mat due to poor material management
  • Reduce segregation with constant auger speed
  • Get high material consistency across the mat
  • Non-contact system with no wear and tear
  • LED panel indicating functionality
  • High operating temperature of 85 °C
AC700 Feeder control material control
What you get
One AC700 Material Controller or Sensor is required for each side of the asphalt paver, with a total of up to four sensors on an asphalt paver if used for both auger control and conveyer belt
AC700 Material sensor
On site
AC700 Material Sensor used for auger control on a Dynapac paver in Norway
AC700 controller on machine
On site
AC700 Material Controller used for auger control on a Sumitomo paver
AC700 Material sensor - Material Controller on Bomag paver
On site
AC700 Material Controller positioned for auger control on a Bomag paver
AC700 controller on Bomag paver
On site
AC700 Material Sensor used for auger control
AC700 controller - feeder - conveyer
On site
Two AC700 Material Controllers positioned for conveyor control on a Caterpillar asphalt paver

"We find that the AC700s are far superior to the material controllers that came with the machines"

Bobby McCarroll / Robert McCarroll Ltd / Glasgow, Scotland

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AC700 Material Control


Operating instructions for AC700 Material Controller and Sensor

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