MatManager Paving Quality System


Keep control of key parameters of your asphalt paving job with the MatManager™ for total paving quality management. Monitor material use throughout the job with realtime measurements to eliminate material overruns, and document load temperature to prevent mat segregation.

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MatTracker is easy to operate and improves the quality of your joints


Track edges to ensure perfect lane overlap and increase the quality of the joint. Automate screed side plate adjustments to free the hands and eyes of the operator to do other important tasks on the job.

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G221 Sonic Grade Sensor from TF-Technologies - Paving made easy

Grade & Slope Control

Automatically control mat thickness with millimeter precision. Obtain perfect joint match with zero effort and remove waves in the finished mat resulting from manual overcompensation.

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Mini-Line SUPER Averaging Beam

SUPER Averaging Beam

Achieve ultimate smoothness with a SUPER Averaging Beam and a Mini-Line® Grade and Slope Control System. Get a perfectly flat mat by averaging the measurements of up to six ultrasonic grade sensors across its extra long averaging span of 13m / 40ft for a full-scale averaging effect.

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Material Flow AC700

AC700 Material Sensor

Maintain a constant head of material in front of your screed with AC700 automatic material control. Remove bumps in the finished mat resulting from poor material management.

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Joint heater tf-technologies paving made easy

Joint Heater

Eliminate joint failures by heating up the joint with a Joint Heater. By heating the joint you ensure a tight weld of the fresh and previously paved asphalt mat. Result? Seamless high-density joints that last.

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Gas ignition TF-Technologies safe CE approved

Temperature Control

Monitor and control gas flow and ignition in gas burner systems on road machinery, and ensure safety by automatically closing gas supply in case of ignition failure. Control asphalt material temperature without the risk of temperature loss or overheating with a complete Temperature Control System.

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