TF-Technologies develops new ignition box that solves safety issue raised by EU directives

The use of ignition boxes in gas burner systems on road construction machinery for controlling gas flow and monitoring gas ignition has long been best practice for safe gas systems. EU Directives have now categorized ignition boxes as a safety component, which means extensive safety related requirements must be met in the electrical design.

TF-Technologies, a pioneering inventor of ignition boxes for road machinery, now introduces an ignition box at Bauma 2016 that is certified as a gas safety component to EN 298:2012 and is the only one in the market to comply with all EU directives.

EU directives - compliance or risk of allegation

The EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC places increasing demands on all industry players for a safe machinery design. To CE mark their machines OEMs must not only ensure direct compliance to this directive, but also ensure that the components used in the construction of the machine comply with all relevant safety requirements specified by this directive. 

One of such components is the ignition box, which is used in gas burner systems on road machinery for gas ignition, flame monitoring and closing gas supply in case of flame failure. The ignition box is used in gas burner systems e.g. on road pavers, asphalt containers, crack sealers and bitumen sprayers. 

Up until now, no producer has been able to deliver an ignition box in compliance with the safety demands of the Machinery Directive, but with the introduction of the FCE60 Ignition Box at Bauma 2016, TF-Technologies is the first on the market to introduce a compliant model. 

OEMs continuing the use of older ignition boxes are at risk of not complying with the Machinery Directive and best practice in safe machine design, and illegally CE mark their machines, making them open to allegations of unsafe equipment and liability claims due to accidents. In fact, even contractors continuing to operate outdated, unsafe gas burner systems on their road machinery could be open to allegations and lawsuits if they fail to meet the requirements.

The FCE60 Ignition Box

The FCE60 Ignition Box from TF-Technologies is certified to the gas safety standard EN 298:2012 referenced by the Machinery Directive as ensuring full compliance to the safety requirements specified. This is the same harmonized standard referenced by the Gas Directive 2009/142/EF, and a comprehensive standard that has required a complete redesign of the original ignition box from TF-Technologies. 

Lisbeth Teilmann, CEO at TF-Technologies says: ‘For more than a year we have worked intensively on developing the FCE60 Ignition Box, which has been through a complete redesign with a quadrupling of the number of components, and an extensive environmental testing in order to comply with the EN 298 standard. To comply with the redundancy requirements of the standard, we now have three control circuits individually controlling the flame detection performed by the ignition box. Non-certified ignition boxes do not have this safety protection, which means failure of a single component or case of overcurrent can be a safety hazard.’

She continues: ‘At the same time, the ignition box needed to be certified to EN13309 and comply with other EMC requirements of the Machinery Directive. This has been a real challenge, but I am happy to announce that we have overcome the issues and challenges.’ 

TF-Technologies  - innovation and safety

TF-Technologies is a market leader in the development of ignition boxes for gas burner systems specifically for road construction machinery, and has since the original introduction of the first ignition box sold more than 50,000 units to major road machinery OEMs. Safety has been a key concern of the company since the beginning, Lisbeth Teilmann explains: ‘We are very concerned with the safety of gas systems on road machinery, and would like to be a frontrunner in this field. As the inventor of the ignition box that has become standard use today, it has only been natural that we should take this first step and introduce a fully compliant model. We strongly suggest road machinery manufacturers and contractors to examine the safety and legality of their gas systems, and we stand by to assist with the design of safe and compliant systems.’ 

TF-Technologies will introduce the brand new FCE60 Ignition box for controlling gas flow and monitoring gas ignition in gas burner systems on road construction machinery at Bauma 2016, in Munich from 11th-17th April. ‘We look forward to showcasing the FCE60 Ignition Box and our other new products at Bauma 2016 for interested manufacturers, and other key players within the asphalt industry.‘ ends Lisbeth Teilmann


TF-Technologies makes it easier to construct high quality roads. As an innovative manufacturer of machine control specifically for road construction machinery, the company focuses on the development of control solutions for the road paving industry. Main product areas include ignition boxes and thermostatic control, grade and slope control systems, material control systems and other paving quality systems. The design philosophy of TF-Technologies is to design powerful control systems for road construction machinery that automates processes that are hard to do manually, and enables users to monitor and improve key quality parameters of their job. All products are very user-friendly and specifically designed to work in the harsh environment of a road construction worksite. 

The company was founded in 1978 by Peter Teilmann, and has been a provider of ultrasonic sensors, thermostatic control and other machine control solutions to major road paver OEMs, road machinery manufacturers and contractors ever since. The company has continued on family hands, today run by his daughters Karin Teilmann and Lisbeth Teilmann.

TF-Technologies at Bauma 2016
During Bauma 2016 in Munich, TF-Technologies will showcase its unique industry technology and other latest product innovations.Join us in our Hall A3, Stand 215 to learn about our innovative products and meet the team behind them.

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