"I get a better joint bond now using the Joint Heater than before, using chemical adhesives"

Ben Everett - asphalt ltd. paving

"At TREFnord we have purchased five sets of Joint Heaters from TF-Technologies. We are happy with them.

I get a better joint bond now using TF-Technologies' Joint Heater than before using chemical adhesives.

After taking the 10-burner Joint Heater into operation, we have experienced a clear improvement of joint density. I know this for a fact, as we are required to take cores and measure joint density with 250m intervals.

With TF -Technologies' Joint Heaters, we can comply with the requirements for doing state roads in Estonia, which is really good for our business


TREFnord is an Estonian road paving contractor established in 1997, and has experience in road construction of anything from state roads to parking lots and sports facilities. The company has an annual revenue of a 23 million and employs approximately 75 employees.