“I really like the EASY Averaging Beam and highly recommend it”

Bartosz Klosowski

“I really like the Easy Averaging Beam and recommend it to our customers. Handling and installation is very easy because the beam is so lightweight compared to other Averaging Beams. As the beam and mountings can be disassembled and folded, it can even be transported in a normal car.

The Snap Connector mounting system makes mounting and dismounting the sensors very easy. We can secure sensors every time we are not using the machine, and with Snap Connectors it is much easier than with other systems.

When the Easy Averaging Beam is in use is works really well, creating a very smooth surface. We recommend using the Easy Averaging Beam anywhere you don’t have a perfect reference, 
as it ensures a smooth result.

Depending on the paver it is mounted on, it extends up 10 m in length, despite the light construction. And due to the design where the beam is split in two, you maintain easy access to the material during paving, which is a great advantage when doing a paving job.”


ASbud Ltd. is a Polish company with more than 20 years of experience in supplying a wide range of construction machinery and equipment for the construction and engineering of roads. The company is the authorized dealer for Sumitomo asphalt pavers.